Villains Description

The villains’ Description


The mean villain in season one

Description A doctor with an immoral heart. He became evil after he got the powers from a baby Aaron. Making people so powerful that how he can use them is the best way he uses to success his missions.
Distressing Event His loved one was killed with his teammate when he was in armies, from that time he promised that he’d get revenge. By becoming so powerful, he realized that’s the better way to get revenge is to take out the civilization. However, he changed plans one. What he wanted is to destroy the whole generation and create his new generation just as a god he believed he could be.
Character Adores Most the time he is in the lab trying to find something new. People, he adopted that do the job he wanted because he controls them with his mind.
Character Worries He knows that Aaron’s blood can be used to take him out. He can’t meet him not while he doesn’t know how he can defend himself.


The mean villain in the pilot episode

Description A man with experience of bank rob. He and his son work together to protect each other no matter what they must escape together. His son is the best partner he trusts most.
Distressing Event Stealing is something he does for fun. Started his job since he was a child. He believes that he has a gift and he must pass in his generation.
Character Adores He loves to ride the bike. He and his son only like to mess around with police officers because they know they can’t catch them.
Character Worries She worries that the time they got arrested, he’ll lose all his arduous work but he can never stop his mission.


The mean enemy of the black defender

Description An evil king who stole the throne from his brother and not only that he stole his brother’s girlfriend who became his wife for almost 817 years. By having the most powerful spear in Drapus that only king must have, he believes he’s unstoppable.
Distressing Event He knew he wasn’t meant to be the king of Drapus, and after his parents died his younger brother was going to be the king, as known as true king. Powell could let him be. Instead, he put him somewhere no one else knows, and in that case, he could be the king of Drapus without anything staying in his way.
Character Adores He enjoys killing people. He loves seeing others suffer.
Character Worries The spear that he continuously sleeps with contains the will of the power of the crystal blood. He knows if it goes in anyone who has noble blood he can take him out because he stands no chance against that person with the spear.