Main Character Information

• Flight
• Superhuman speed
• Super intelligence
• Durability
• Transformation: to transform into the Blackmode it gives him the invulnerable abilities.
• Disappear
• Time Manipulation

. People he loves
. The spear that found at the Drapus can kill or even take away the powers. It’s the only king of Drapus who has that spear.

Origin Story:

After one week he was born, they attacked by the aliens and murder his mother, further take his father way. However, they did not just omit him alive yet with the powers. Losing his birth parents, growing up and rambling with his difficult time for being cripple that caused by what occurred when he was a baby continuously one day he apprehended that he must walk like others. For his desire, he learned how to walk till the day he was able to so. Believing in the hope, he continuously understands the way people suffer, and comprehend that they need the defender. Before he discovered his abilities, he regularly required to do something that would help people. The way he grew up he knew the only way to live in this world is that you help others. Hardly he couldn’t do anything which kept hurting him. However, he lived his happy life until the day he got his first kiss and changed everything including to start a new journey of becoming THE BLACK DEFENDER.

Tragic Flaw:

Consistently interested in lying to the people that close to him especially those he loves but honestly, he lies to them to protect them. He must protect his identity to protect the one he loves.

Gender and Physical Appearance: 27-years-old male, 5’11, thin but strong

Superhero Personality:

He’s very sympathetic. By looking black sometimes, it freaks people who see him for the first time, but he continually knows how to calm them down. His powers are a mystery even him, he doesn’t distinguish the limit his strengths, and sometimes he discovers the new abilities. He must be careful because he doesn’t know if that his powers may be used against himself. He helps everyone he doesn’t mind if it’an evil person or not, whether you need help or not, he reaches there as possible as he can. Convertible, defending and attending that’s what he puts in the primary.

Alter-Ego Personality:

He is extremely agreeable, and he’s getting famous so fast but, only because of the missions, he does every day every night. But as Aaron, he is a just average guy who’s a smart guy and perfect in science and inventing new invention that could help the world. However, those inventions help him as THE BLACK DEFENDER.

Community Relationship:

Only a few people know his secret. Making new friends later comes as daily news. He learned that making friends can change the way he sees things. But, few of his friends know his secret.


Costume: Characteristic outfit includes black, some white lines, and dark blue.

Emblem: The blue mix with black with two letters which are BD that represents THE BLACK DEFENDER and shield in the middle that presents A WILL OF WELFARE and The Parallelogram that around represents HOPE

Sidekick/Team: works with his best friend who stays behind to look over him.

Main Enemies: King of Drapus Oscar’s Powell, he hates Powell for what he has done to Aaron’s life such as taking his father away and kill his mother. Also, those who have a plan of evil he ruins their plans because that’s what he supposes to do to protect civilizations.